African Black Soap Review (initial)

I’ve heard about African Black Soap before but didn’t really look into it or pay much attention. I was at a near by flea market one day and noticed a table with BIG rock looking things. Curious, we walked to the table and they were selling Shea butter and this African Black soap. Remembering I’ve heard about it before I decided to try it. This PACKED FULL (the cover barley bits on tight) container was $5.50. I asked if he had a half portion and he offered me the whole thing for $3.50 (I like to believe it was from my GREAT bargaining skills, haha, jk)! 
The cover lists the 3 ingredients in this product, palm oil, kernal oil, and water. It also lists the benefits of this african black soap.
 This is what it looks likes. It reminds me of chunks of dirt. The smell isn’t good but it’s not bad either. The smell is very faint and not even noticeable actually.
When I use this I get a little chunk, add water, make it into a good foamy lather, and use on my face. 
This stuff is amazing! It takes away everything, even my MAC foundation (usually I have to do 2 washes to make sure its completely off)! It leaves my skin clean and also matte. As some of you know my skin is oily and gross and uggghhhh.. this is one more new product that is helping it become less “ugggghhh”! This probably won’t be good for people with dry skin since it is kind of drying and even left me really dry a couple of times. I’ll probably be using Egyptian Magic (I use to hate this stuff but its growing on me, review to come soon) after using the African Black Soap next time. I’m going to use this as my only facial cleanser for a month or so and give you guys an update! 
Has anyone tried this before? I’ve read and seen lots of good reviews on Youtube and Makeupalley!

Eugenia is a 28 year old who loves beauty products, food, shoes, computers, tech gadgets, and anything pretty and interesting. She works as a consultant for banks as her day job and travels a lot because of it.

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  1. PetiteAsianGirl says

    I LOVE this stuff and it lasts forever! Another blogger (Diane @ curvypetite) sent me a sample many months ago and I literally only used up a tiny piece. And I use it 3+ times a week! It's amazing for sensitive skin because it's scentless and seems natural. I have dry skin but I moisturize immediately afterwards with Eucerin and everything is fine.

  2. Bunnie says

    where can you get this? the natural stuff works the best… but it seems like more work! i like pumping soap out of a bottle :p

  3. Karen says

    Hi Eugenia! I actually never heard of African soap (where have I been?! LOL). I like how there's so few ingredients and not a whole lot of chemicals….great review though! I have sensitive skin and sensitive skin dries out easy so I will skip this product. BUT my younger sister has got really acne prone skin that's oily so I can see this working for her (she used accutane before). I wonder where she can get it from…I guess they don't sell this in the malls then?

  4. Henessy says

    Being Afican Black soap is always in my house and I actually like to use it on my whole body. We have the soap bar version which is not crumbley at all it just like a bar of soap. It is such a great natural product.

  5. african black soap says

    @PetiteAsianGirl well let me tell you about my experience with the black soap i suffer from acne i try everything you can imagine i try mary kay for acne PROACTIVE,went to see 2 different dermatologist they gave me antibiotics for acne they told me it was gonna make my acne go away in 6 to 9 weeks well it did noooot work i also try over the counter products, home made receipts and they did not work i went to a flea market and found the african black soap i had heard so many good things from this product i decided to get it it was 10 bucks but for me it was not expensive i had paid more in other prodcuts so i bought it i have been using it less than a month and you now can see my face gettiing cleaner i get so many complements from coworkers tellin me my acne is gone which i am sooo happy i spend those 10 dollars for my acne!!!i use it every night if you suffer from acne i recommend you african black soap

  6. says

    I’ve used African Black Soap for years. No matter what else I try I always come back to it. Nothing works to reduce my oiliness and give me a quick clean filling the way that this soap does. I usually make my own concoction and mix it with essential oils like Jojoba, Shea, & Avocado oils.

    I’ve been getting it from, but I see it sold other places. I prefer getting it from Coastal Scents because they give a portion of the money to women in Ghana who make the soap. :-)

  7. debra.jj says

    I LOVE this stuff!!. It’ lots of natural ingredients and no harsh perfume. My skin feels so soft and silky. I don’t really need to moisturize as much.

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