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How to Make a Scrunch Bikini Bottom Tutorial DIY


Since beach weather is already here in Florida (love living here!!) I decided to post up a DIY scrunch butt bikini tutorial (AKA pucker butt bikini tutorial)! I have so many cute bikinis BUT I love love the scrunch butt look. The scrunch butt bikini gives that illusion that I have a butt :) I have tried this a couple times and decided I should share simple technique to the world! Its VERY simple (if you know how to sew that is)!

Scrunch Butt Bikini


- This will make your bikini bottom smaller, please be aware of your comfort level before doing this! 
- Also remember this will make your bikini bottom lower in the back. I would suggest using this method on bikini bottoms that are a tab too big for you.
- I am not a good seamstress, I am sure there are better methods that look better. Use my tutorial as a guide but do whatever you need to make it look good for you!
- This works best for busy patterns because the thread is visible.

diy scrunch butt bikini

Bikini Bottom

1- Grab one of your bikini bottoms you want to transform.
2- Turn your bikini bottom inside out. With a washable marker mark the middle on the backside of your bikini bottom.

diy scrunch butt bikini

3- Find some thick thread. I’ve doubled up some random thread I found in my drawers and I’ve also used elastic thread before.

diy scrunch butt bikini

4- Depending on how much coverage you need, sew down the middle. If you want less coverage on your butt, make your stitches wider, if you want more coverage make your stitches closes together.

diy scrunch butt bikini
diy scrunch butt bikini
diy scrunch butt bikini

5- Play around with the bikini bottom and thread to get your desired scrunch-ness. When you are satisfied, knot the end.

diy scrunch butt bikini
6- Show of your “new” bikini at the beach and/or pool!

diy scrunch butt bikini
Other ways I will try soon:
- Use a sewing machine and use the ruching method down the center.
- Cut a piece of elastic shorter than the length of your bottoms. While stretched, sew it to the center.

Hope this helps a little! :) Easy peasy!

Eugenia is a 28 year old who loves beauty products, food, shoes, computers, tech gadgets, and anything pretty and interesting. She works as a consultant for banks as her day job and travels a lot because of it.

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  • Jennifer

    A www cute!
    You made it look easy.

  • Katherine Tealeaf

    xD Thanks for the tutorial. D: It's a little too sexy for me though. *blush*

  • RochellekeCloset

    oh my god how i wish i could use bikini! its so cute…you done a great job ;-)

  • Tracy D

    Easy peasy for someone with skills ;)

  • Melli || Casual Beauty

    Nice and easy tutorial! It's starting to get hot here in CA as well. Gonna have to try this out because I do have some bikini bottoms that are big on me.


  • Joan

    soooo cute! i'll try it!

  • Pich and Roor

    What a GREAT idea!! I have a pair that's too big that I might try this with :)

  • Jayme and Mendi

    Cute! Seems easy enough!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  • Pop Champagne

    it's cute and seems simple to do, I ought to try that with my black ones!

  • EbonyYoungin

    Hey how would you scrunch a jacket…the same way?

  • http://lifebeyondbase.com Melissa-Emily of Life Beyond Base

    I’m so going to try this!!! I love the brazilian/cheeky look to but could so do this to the pair of swim bottoms I have! Do you mind if I feature your DIY on my blog by posting a before & after pic & giving my readers your link for the tutorial? Can’t wait to try it out :D

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  • Yurika

    thanks for the post! the sewing part is really easy – what’s hard is getting the right amount of scrunch! currently playing around with the size of the stitches to make it fit and look cute but not slutty haha :)

  • Ronna

    Definitely gonna try this! Thanks!!

  • majken

    do you know how i should do it for a beach bunny lace bikini since it has the lace at top ? should i just stop at the hem ?

    • http://www.geniabeme.com Eugenia

      I would stop at the hem!

  • Helen

    This is awesome! Thank you for your easy method of scrunching! I bought a bikini off Ebay (Victoria’s Secret, but no longer available at the store) that I LOVED, but the bottoms were a little saggy in the back. I searched how to make bottoms smaller and found your blog. I tried your method just doubling up on thread, and it worked great!! They fit now, and the ruching is adorable!

    • http://www.geniabeme.com Eugenia

      Yay! Im glad it worked for you! Its so easy to do and so cute!

      • http://opiumtwin.com Jooley

        This looks so easy! Would it work on regular panties?