FOTD Pink and Blue

I wanted to do a fun look today that was out of the ordinary for me. I usually stick with browns for the day and black smokey eye for nights.
I was digging though my makeup for MAC empties to trade (post soon to show you what I got!). I found an old Cover Girl palette with a blue, teal, and green shadows that I decided to play with.
The shadows were not that easy to work with. I had to use primer, foil it, and pack it down for the best color. It still looks a little dull though, it could be because this shadow is years old :/ Please don’t lecture me about old products! Haha, I know I need to clean out my stash! I think I did okay though, I was only going to the movies to watch Cabin in the Woods! I hate watching scary movies in theaters because I embarrass myself. I am the person who screams and jumps..

MyFace Cosmetics Medium
MUFE Powder
Welda Hydrating Day Cream

COVER GIRL Blue Carribbean

MAC Swish
MAC Naked Lunch
Rimmel Day to Night Mascara
Pixi Gel Eyeliner
Have you seen movies lately?! I need some good ones to see!

Eugenia is a 28 year old who loves beauty products, food, shoes, computers, tech gadgets, and anything pretty and interesting. She works as a consultant for banks as her day job and travels a lot because of it.

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  1. Tifa says

    Pretty colour combination!!! Looks pretty good for old make up :)

    Love the lipstick again, such an amazing colour <3

  2. says

    I love these colors! L.A. Colors has a similar palette that is super inexpensive, you should check out some of their other palettes. You could easily haul away 10 sets for about $10. Honestly I am going to tell you the last movie I saw was Despicable Me 2 but we saw it in 3D so it was cute + cool. I’d probably go see it even if I didn’t have kids!

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