Twisted Orchid Handbag Review

I used my new handbag from Twisted Orchids today! 
The Dimensions:
Drop:Adjustable to 26
I fell in love with this purse when I saw it on the website. I LOVE anything lace and this looked like something that I wanted…. NEEDED! Its very unique and I’ve never seen a handbag like this before.

The front side (above) is covered in a lace design while the back (below) is a plain camel brown color. This bag has tons of pockets which is good since its pretty big (for me at least). There’s a zippered pocket on the inside side, the inside middle, and on the back. Then there is a space for your phone and cards on the inside side as well.
This handbag also comes with an extra strap to make it longer. I never use these, so it will probably just get tossed in the black hole, AKA my closet.
I love the different pattern in the inside. Cute patterns in the inside is always a sell for me. I don’t know why but I like them!
I thought this bag was a little too big for me and flimsier than my other bags. I didn’t actually read the dimensions so its my fault that I chose a bag that was a little bit bigger than usual. Even though I’m not use to this size bag I realized it was actually good for day long outings since I can put random things in there that I need (I can fit a whole makeup bag in it). The first thought that came to my mind was, “I can sooo fit a a pair of extra flip flops in here!” I live in Florida so I live in flip flops. Why not have a “just in case” pair in my purse?!

Twisted Orchids also has a bunch of other handbags and clutches that are very affordable on their site. They even have a purse where you can discretely carry heels in! Pretty neat! Shipping was quick, my handbag came FEDEX and came 3days after it was sent. I am pretty satisfied with my handbag as well as the service!
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PS- A giveaway will be coming REALLY soon so you can get your own handbag from Twisted Orchids! :)

DISCLAIMER: Twisted Orchid sent this for me to review. Opinions are 100% mine and honest.

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  1. Ashley K says

    That is such a cute purse I love anything lace too! I really like that only one side has the lace less of a chance to snag and it is really roomy I carry tons of stuff so I always go for the big bags. I have also carried around flip flops :)

    Beauty Flawed


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