Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash

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I picked these bad boys up at Nordstrom Rack for around $12! SCORE! Since I have loved UD 24/7 eyeliners I was really excited to try these! They also had a lot of other popular name brands for beauty products, definitely check it out if you have one  near you.

Six shades come in this Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash set. The colors are from left to right in the picture above: Delinquent, Sin, Juju, Rehab, and Clash. BEAUTIFUL! I like how the 3 middle colors can be used for a neutral look and then you can spice it up with Clash and/or Delinquent!

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Pencils

The eye shadow pencil goes on smoothly. I usually use the middle three when I go to work. I don’t even need a primer and these pencils stay on the whole day! I usually glide a shade on, then blend out the edges. I then put a different color on top of that one and blend. You can wear it on its own or actually use it as your eye shadow primer. I tried it both ways and had satisfying results both ways! Its a little harder to use these eye shadow pencils by themselves because you have to blend quickly before it sets or else you will have harsh lines. When you use before your eye shadow, its pretty much the same as using a regular eye primer. I would still try to put on eye shadow before the eye shadow pencil completely sets though.

As you can see the colors go on exactly how they look! Love love love these! Have your tried these yet?!



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  1. Beauty Make Up Addict says

    wow these look amazing. I haven;t bought Urban Decay pencils in the longest time. Great post.

  2. Sarah says

    I love these!! I got them during a Haute Look sale just because and now they are some of my favorite eyeshadows. I don't even use primer with these guys. They last forever and seriously dont smudge! Perfection.

  3. Ashley K says

    I love UD I've been tempted to pick up some from the sale they have on their website but I really need to stop spending! Great swatches :)

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