My Little Black Bag – June Bag

My June Little Black Bag arrived today! Since I overloaded with handbags in my May Little Black Bag, I wanted to get some Betsey earrings and makeup this time! I am very happy with my items like always! Take a look at what I in April and May as well!

Little Black Bag

1- ncLA Hollywood Hills

ncla hollywood hills not number

This nail polish is SOO PRETTTY and SPARKLY in real life. I love love it! I had to try this right away! I think I’m blind now since I’ve been looking at it too much!
ncla hollywood hills not number

2- michael marcus Ann Lipstick

I was actually unsure about this item at first. THEN I swatched it and changed my mind!

michael marcus Ann Lipstick

The texture is very smooth and the color is a good natural color!

michael marcus Ann Lipstick

3- Betsey Johnson Polka Dot Double Heart Earrings

I tried so hard to trade for these and finally got them!

betsey johnson

These are really cute because the longer heart goes behind your ear and the shorter heart goes in front! I just don’t like how the back heart kind of flips backwards a lot.

betsey johnson

Very unique!

betsey johnson

4- Betsey Johnson Crystal Bow Drop Earrings

I need to make a DIY earring holder to hold my growing collection of Betsey earrings!

betsey johnson

Very pretty and sparkly!

betsey johnson

5- Ali Khan New York Feather Earrings

These are my first feather earrings! I can’t to wear these with a cute up do.

Ali Khan New York Feather Earrings

Actually, I’m debating if I want to exchange these. One of the blue feathers is extremely larger than the other one. Hmm.. decisions decisions..

Ali Khan New York Feather Earrings

6- Mineralogie Invisibly Matte Compact

I NEEDED a blot powder I could bring with me. Lets see how this works, review soon!

Mineralogie Invisibly Matte Compact

Excited to try this one out, especially because I have not heard of this brand before.

Mineralogie Invisibly Matte Compact

7- Kenneth Cole New York Cluster Earrings

I love cluster earrings so these are right up my alley. I love the different colors it changes!

Kenneth Cole New York Cluster Earrings

I also love how they look on.

Kenneth Cole New York Cluster Earrings

8- Robert Rose Multi Charm Necklace

Cute! I don’t have many necklaces and this one is perfect to dress up a casual look!

Robert Rose Multi Charm Necklace

Sorry for the boob shot but I wanted to show everyone how it looked on.

Robert Rose Multi Charm Necklace

Once again I am very happy with my Little Black Bag. I just love this service because you pick whats in your bag! Have you subscribed yet?! If you haven’t please use my linky!

DISCLAIMER: I purchased this myself.

Eugenia is a 28 year old who loves beauty products, food, shoes, computers, tech gadgets, and anything pretty and interesting. She works as a consultant for banks as her day job and travels a lot because of it.

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  1. Jemica says

    Thanks for the pics Genia! I didn’t realize that the Betsey Johnson earrings were so unique-I like the way part of the earrings go behind your ear. I also really like the Robert Rose Multi-Chain Necklace-so much prettier than the LBB pics. I think I “need” that now!

  2. says

    I was so unsure about trying this program…wasn’t too sure what they were going to add to it but those are some super cute accessories so I think I’ll go for it next month. Thx for sharing=)

  3. Poppy says

    Just stumbled upon your blog while searching for “glitter” polish. Then, hopped over to Little Black Bag and signed up! Love this. Better then “” – so much more fun and you get so much more. Thanks for sharing so many great pix!


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