Neiman Marcus Orlando Beauty Blogger Event

I was very excited to have the opportunity to attend a Beauty Blogger event that was hosted by Neiman Marcus Orlando. The Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida have met up a lot lately! They served some breakfast items and shared with us some of their extensive knowledge of the brands they carry.

neiman marcus

Photo Credit: Kim

They had lots of breakfast treats all around for us.

It is always a good time when I meet up with the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida! The ladies in this group are all so nice and supportive. I love them all! Its a treat to see them face to face since we mostly communicate via facebook and twitter! Most of them are located in Orlando, while a few (like me) are located in Tampa.

Chatting away before we get started!

Lots of Mimosas and breakfast goodies!

Photo Credit: Brittany

After we were done mingling, drinking, and eating, we were separated into 4 groups. We rotated to different “stations” to hear about some of the brands more in depth.


Gorgeous nail polishes! They are already sold out of some! Blue shades are coming soon!


They sell their 1 of their primers every 3 seconds, crazy!!


AMAZING scents! My favorite was the Tobacco Vanille, it such a unique blend of scents.


They had these really awesome notebook palettes! The microfiber mascara looked like something I want to try!


They have bronzers in a range of colors. The royal blue kajal is something I need!


What caught my eye was the nail polishes AND nail polish tester. You stick the clear plastic tab on your nail and then put the polish over it to see it on your nail. Pretty cool!


Did you know they don’t spend any money on advertising? That is pretty rare to hear now a days! They have a full range of products for women, men, babies, dogs, and horses! They are very well rounded. They not only have products for different people/pets, they also have something from very price range.


These are not even a sample of how many fragrances they have They have around 120! This Prada one stood out because of the bottle!


This natural line has special palettes where part of their proceeds go to different organizations. This was was for awareness for endangered reefs as you can tell. Its perfect for the cause!


They give complementary oxygen facials here! The specialist was also saying how their acne line does wonders and how people who have tried everything else will come here for results!


They have lots of skin care that promises noticeable changes. What I found very interesting was that when Estee Lauder was trying to get places to sell her fragrances, no one would give her a chance. So she started breaking bottles of her fragrances on purpose in stores. The scent would fill up the room and people would ask her what it was. GENIUS!


These awesome colors are suppose to last 3 weeks!


They showed us their lipsticks that last up to 6 hours as well some skin care items that will show noticeable changes!


Awesome colors like always! The Run the World (Girls) set is too cute!

So much fun!

Photo Credit: Pamela

Some of the Tampa girls after the event. Eeek, I always forget about my bad side.

We learned so much and had so much fun. Thank you Neiman Marcus Orlando for having us!

Eugenia is a 28 year old who loves beauty products, food, shoes, computers, tech gadgets, and anything pretty and interesting. She works as a consultant for banks as her day job and travels a lot because of it.

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    You look and the girls look so pretty Eugenia! OMG I really wish I could have been there – it looks like so much fun :) I wish we had Neiman Marcus stores in Canada or that there were some blogger meet up events in Toronto. I’ve only met one blogger and it was so nice to put a face to everything

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