Makeup Wars- Favorite Cosmetic Brush

For Makeup Wars this time, we all had to pick our favorite cosmetics brush. I was debating between 2 brushes, my Sigma F80 (flat top brush for face) and my Eco Tools highlighter brush (for eyes). BUT my favorite cosmetic brush is also one of my cheapest! Eco Tools highlighter is hands down my favorite brush!

I actually use this brush for a whole eye look. Even though it is designated as a highlighter brush I use it to apply color to my lids, crease, outer V, and to highlight as well. Its just the right size, not too big, not too small, not too stuff, and not to fluffy. Its the one brush I go to when I do my makeup for work because I know I can do my whole eye look with it.

Whats your favorite cosmetic brush?!

DISCLAIMER: I purchased this myself.

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    I have a similar brush from Hakuhodo, and loving it. I agree with that this kind of tapered brush is perfect of blending eye shadow and creasing. Also highlighters!

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    I use a crease brush as a highlighter because I like the precise-ness of it, and also because I can never really find one great brush to use in highlighting. I’m going to look for this one because it seems like you’ve found it.

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