Makeup Wars- Favorite Fall Nail Polish

I am really sad summer is over and the neon colors are fading. Even though the neon trend is going into hibernation, that means more dark polishes! The polishes below are the polishes you will be seeing on me the most throughout the Fall season.


I picked Cult Nails Vicious for my favorite fall nail polish! Why you ask?! Well let me tell you…

1- I love the deep dark purple color.
2- Pictured below is ONE coat.
3- Pictured below is the polish with no top coat. Look at that freakin shine!
4- The staying power is amazing. This color stays vibrant and chip free for at least 5 days.

This polish is also a good base color for layering other polishes which is something I love to do!

cult nails vicious

Like usual, I like to add a little something something. That’s where Sation Track Starlet comes in.


When I think of Fall, the color gold pops in my head. This polish has tons on gold glitters in it and hints of red and silver glitter in a clear polish. Even though its Fall, manis don’ t have to be boring! The combination of these two polishes screams “Fall” to me!


Whats is your favorite Fall polish?!

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