Makeup Wars- Pampering at Home

When I feel like pampering myself at home, I always reach for a face mask! They are the perfect thing to put on your face while you relax. I love them all but below are some of my favorite ones!


These are usually individually packed for all different skin concerns. When you open them there is a cloth mask with holes for you eyes, nose, and mouth. These are awesome because they are no mess, you just take it, put it on, then throw it away! The ones I love are from the The Face Shop, a Korean beauty shop in NYC. These are great for traveling, since you can bring them in your carry one and don’t take up too much space.



I am a big fan of Lush’s fresh face masks. One of my favorites is Cosmetic Warrior. This is great for oily skin and for blackheads! I use this when I want to get rid of blackheads when my skin is dry. This masks does what it claims without drying my face. This is perfect for the winter seasons!



I always use Adovia Purifying Mud Mask in the Summer! When I’m in Florida  my face is like an oil slick. This mud mask does a great job helping with taking out extra oil. This is very messy but very effective! I can always see the results immediately after I wash it off and I love the feel of my pores tightening.



This is the best mask for after a day in the sun! I love putting this on after a day at the beach or pool. I usually come home, take a shower and then put this on as I wind down from the day. It goes on cold so it feels amazing if you got a lot of sun that day. This makes your face feel hydrate and cool, a must have for the summer!


What is your favorite face mask?!

Now go ahead see what the other ladies use when they are pampering themselves at home!

DISCLAIMER: Some products were sent for review, some products were purchased by me. All opinions are mine.


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    Woah you tried a whole bunch of different masks *_* I don’t like mud masks since it can be pretty messy with them like you said. Definitely have to try a gel mask this summer though I always have the feeling that they’re not so effective. My favs are cloth masks. Sometimes I even have them overnight and on the next day my face feels like a baby’s butt haha :)

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    I love cloth face masks. I always pick up a few when I shop at our local Asian grocer’s. They really make you take a few minutes to relax — you can run around with a mud mask on your face, but with a cloth mask, if multi-task, it will fall off!

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    Oooooh! What a fabulous mask collection! I am so in the mood to do a facial mask tonight! I have that Adovia mask too and love it! Great selections!!!

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    I *love* sheet masks! I have a whole bunch that my BFF brought me back from Asia and they are so specific. I hate to use them because i don’t want to use them up!

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    I really need to try some sheet masks. I feel like they don’t do much, but I’m guessing the really cheap ones are not always the best ones…. Thanks for the suggestion!

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