Control Oily Skin

I have very oily skin. After years and years of trial and error, I can now say I have a routine to control my oily skin during the day. The following things are what I use to help my problem with oily skin!

Control Oily Skin





african black soap

I use this as my daily face cleanser, morning and night. In the mornings I just get out of bed, wet my face, and rub some African Back Soap into my wet hands and make a lather. My face usually gets super oily in the morning and this soap cleans off all of that yucky-ness and leaves my skin super skin and oil-less.  At night I will take my makeup off with remover and then lather up the same way I do in the morning. The African Black Soap removes any extra makeup and cleans the oil away. I also use my Clarisonic during this step but I have done it without it too. This stuff is also amazing because it is dirt cheap! You can get it off ebay or random street fairs. They are like $3 for a whole tub on the streets!






umbrian clay

I use Fresh’s Umbrian Clay after the African Black Soap, morning and night as well. After I rinse off the African Black Soap, while my face is still wet, I wet the Umbrian Clay bar. I rub my hands all over it to get it all over my hands. I rub the clay all over my face, I try to get a nice thick layer of it. Before it dries, I rinse it off. I have used it as a ask before too but I usually just use it as a wash. There might be other brands but this is the brand I am using now. It is pretty pricey for clay ($38ish a bar) but I really wanted to try it!





milk of magnesia

I know this sounds totally disgusting, weird, and gross but Milk of Magnesia is my lifesaver for controlling oily skin. It is definitely not at all suppose to be used in the makeup world but it works. I use it EVERY single day I wear makeup. If I do not use it, NOTHING will keep my face semi-matte. I use this only before applying makeup. After the African Black Soap and Umbrian Clay, I will put on my serums and moisturizers, after that I will put a thin layer of Milk of Magnesia all over my face. I let it dry. Sometimes it will turn white if I put too much on, no biggie. After it is dry I will then start the makeup process starting with primer. The primer usually makes any white parts disappear. I even tried primers that did not work on me before with Milk of Magnesia and all of sudden they all worked magically! This stuff is cheap too, probably around $5 for a good sized bottle that will last you forever.





model in a bottle

My newest discovery and addition to my daily makeup routine. After all my makeup is done, I spray this glorious potion of greatness on my face. This not only keeps my makeup in place it will keep me pretty matte for the day. My eyeliner use to always run because of my oil on my face but since I have been using this, there is minimal smudging! This is not only the best setting spray I have used but also the cheapest for $18.


My face is not super matte the whole day but it is definitely not disgusting like it was before. Some days my face is better than others and I’m sure this routine might not work for everyone. I still occasionally use blotting powder through the day when I feel is needed. I hope this will help someone because I wish I knew about these products in high school, I was a mess, yuck!

DISCLAIMER: I purchased these items myself.


Eugenia is a 28 year old who loves beauty products, food, shoes, computers, tech gadgets, and anything pretty and interesting. She works as a consultant for banks as her day job and travels a lot because of it.

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  1. says

    Great tips! Now that summer’s coming around, I’m definitely going to be super oily. *sigh I wonder if the same products would work for me as well.

  2. Celia says

    My dermatologist tells me I have texbook combination skin – oily areas and dry areas. Im a natural healthy type, so I started using Made from Earth’s Combination Skin Kit. It comes with 2 different Made from Earth face washes – one for when I am super oily, and another for when I do not want to strip my skin. Also, the Made from Earth “ph equilibrant moisturizer” is GREAT at balancing the oily areas and the dry areas

  3. BeautyJudy says

    Wow. So you know I’m totally going to Walgreens at lunch and buying this and trying it tomorrow, right? HOW did you discover this worked? This is such a great tip!


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