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This round of Makeup Wars we will be sharing our favorite sunscreen. I opted to talk about my favorite SPF product first since my favorite sunscreen lotion (Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect Sunscreen Lotion) is not in hand. *EDIT!*Actually, I decided to talk a little about this at the bottom because I love it so much!

Something I always always wear is SPF on my lips! This is especially true during the summer when I go to pools and/or the beach. My lips are always chapped anyways so I make sure to protect my lips in the sun. They get extra bad if I don’t wear any protection on my lips in the sun. This is why I picked Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal! They have sooo many colors but this one is my favorite for a more neutral color. This one is also one of the newer colors!

fresh sugar petal

I love Fresh products and the lip products are my absolutely go to! I use the Fresh Sugar Advanced Lip Treatment everyday! The Petal has SPF 15 and moisturizers the crap out of your lips! which is always something I look for.

The key ingredients (from their website, are:

•Sugar, a natural humectant, prevents moisture loss.
•A superior blend of nourishing oils, including meadowfoam and black currant seed oils, deeply moisturize dry areas.
•Grapeseed polyphenols protect, smooth, and soften.
•SPF 15 UVA/UVB protection

fresh sugar petal 2

This is my favorite SPF 15 product because it not only protects your lips from the sun and moisturizes them, it also makes them pretty! I usually use the Advanced Lip Treatment first then apply Petal. The color lasts for a couple of hours and I only need to reapply once since it gives up to 6 hours of protection! This color is great for the pool or beach because it gives your lips an extra boost of color without looking like you actually put on lip gloss or lipstick. I’m one of those girls who wear eyeliner and mascara to the beach. Don’t judge, its just what I do! I don’t go overboard or anything so I think Petal is perfect for my lips since it is not too much.

fresh sugar petal swatch

Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect with SPF 40 is my all time favorite sunscreen lotion! I have been using Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect with SPF 40 for years! This not only protects you from UV rays but gives you a nice shimmer. I get the one with the extra SPF 40 but there is one with a SPF of 15. I use this when I want to feel like Edward Cullens in the sun which is ALWAYS (who doesn’t want to be a sparkly vampire?!?!)!! It smells amazing like Hawaiian Tropic’s other products, it always reminds me of the beach. This lotion though is NOT waterproof so if you do get this and plan on going in the water, I would either reapply or bring some waterproof sunscreen too. Once you get in the water you will be surrounded by a glittery ring!


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What is your favorite sunscreen product?!

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    Ooooh! I must try this sunscreen! I love shimmery sunscreens and I totally agree: getting your skin to look like Edward Cullen’s is a must! 😉

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