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This time for Makeup Wars we will be posting about our favorite waterproof makeup product. This is the PERFECT topic as Spring is here and the rain showers are already starting! My pick is Makeup Forever’s Aqua Rouge in 18 Coral!

mufe aqua rouge 18

I received this during The Makeup Show NYC blogger preview. I was really excited to try it because I typically like MUFE products (with the exception of the HD Foundation, bleeeeck). This liquid color claims to be waterproof. Guess what?! I am a believer! It comes in a double ended tube. One side has a doe foot wand applicator for the color and a brush for the clear shine lip gloss side. This coral color is perfect for the spring! Its bright and stands out!

mufe aqua rouge 18 2

Below is a swatch of Coral with the color only. I put it on and finished my hair while it dried. It dries a little bit tacky. I used it without the clear lip gloss the first day I tried it. WOW! AMAZING. I was so impressed. It really did last all day. I had tons of coffee, tea, and water that day. I drank from a straw and cups. My lip color stayed. It did get lighter towards the middle, I would just smack my lips really hard a couple of times and the color redistributed itself. Even my coworkers were impressed of the color staying power!

mufe coral aqua rouge lip swatch

Below is a swatch of Coral with the clear lip gloss on top. I used the duo combo the next day. The clear gloss gives your lips a nice shine but it didn’t keep this waterproof color on as long! I noticed throughout the day my lip color would come off on straws. When I wore it the prior day with no clear gloss, my lip color was not found on any straw! The clear does make your lips nice and shiny but I it does not make the color last as long. I did have color on my lips the whole day but it was brighter the day before.

mufe coral aqua rouge lip swatch shine

Waterproof lip color is a definite MUST in my book and Makeup Forever’s Aqua Rouge is a keeper!

makeup forever aqua rouge face

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